What I’m doing now

During the COVID-19 pandemic confinement, I’m was working at Esri Panama on the integrations for backend and database systems for MINSA. Also, I start learning bass guitar.


Fortunately, I complete some courses at the Lightbend Academy. This courses where:

Hopefully, I may end another before the academy closes for the general public.


My current reading list is a bunch of technical books, such as:

But I’m having a good time reading the first book of the Takeshi Kovacs novels since I like Altered Carbon on Netflix. And I’m also listening to a Leonardo da Vinci biography audiobook.


I start learning how to play my new bass guitar. So I find some bass songs I like a lot:

Coding Activity

And this is my coding activity for the last month:

So, this is more or less what I’m doing right now.

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