Carlos Gustavo Ruiz

what i’m doing now

I have near a year in Panamá and this has been a great experience. I can’t complain, I have met great people, get my time to know more about the country, love the food, and adapt to the weather. This has been an intense JavaScript programming season, and I’m moving to a new project using C#, hope this doesn’t hurt too much.


I’m still learning Haskell, to summarize the last months with the language; I work for a while with the book Real World Haskell, got suck with Ninety-Nine Haskell Problems and step back to learn more about the language, so I start again the book Learn You a Haskell (my note here), and start the 6 weeks course Functional Programming in Haskell of the University of Glasgow.

Even if I don’t have a project to use Haskell with, certainly I’m more aware of my code.

Personal Projects

Oh gosh, all my personal projects are on halt. I still have ideas for sparrow10, but no time to push them forward.


Current Reading

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.