Carlos Gustavo Ruiz

what i’m doing now

date: 2018-08-20

Currently, I’m working for Ayesa here at Panamá City for almost a year now, on a GIS. This project has everything, programming a mobile app, monitoring servers and databases, updating programs, improving the architecture, and of course training. The experience has been intense, but hopefully, in a couple of months, it will be finished.


I just realized today that I tried Haskell 8 years ago for the first time. Sure I tried PostgreSQL and NoSQL Databases, Python, Pyramid, OpenShift, CI, Wordpress, PHP, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Mobile dev, VIM, Linux Shell, FreeBSD and more skills on that years. But Haskell and functional programming are something I want to learn well and maybe make a living from it.

So, I change the books Real World Haskell and Learn You a Haskell for Haskell programming from first principles, and the Ninety-Nine Haskell Problems for exercism to make other tracks too.

Finally, this week I started an English course. Hopefully, I can be more fluent in my future posts.

Personal Projects

They’re still on halt, sparrow10 is more a way to organize my learning and publish a couple of web pages. But I have two repos for tools I think can be useful for me to learn Haskell and for others to use. They are Get gitignore and daily tasks.


Current Reading

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.