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Install nvm

Install Haskell Stack

FreeBSD Change keymap

# bsdconfig

look for option 7 Console > Keymap.

BSD - Compilers

When we get this error cc: error: no such file or directory: 'CXX=c++' it’s because the build routine can’t find a compiler. In order to fix this, if we want to use GCC type: $ CC=gcc and $ CXX=g++ or CXX=c++ in order to use Clang. (source)

Update packages

In order to update packages at freebsd, you need to run this command as root.

Update and Upgrade FreeBSD

Install ports

Checking for Software Vulnerabilities

"FreeBSD maintains a vulnerability database that should be checked regularly to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in the software you have installed on your system.

While it is sometimes beneficial to update all of the software on your system, at the very least, any software with known vulnerabilities should be updated at the earliest possible time. To check for known vulnerabilities with any of the optional software you have installed on your system, type:

This will download the latest vulnerability database from the FreeBSD servers and check it against the installed software on your system. If any vulnerabilities exist with your installed software, it will alert you."

Add and remove Users

  • Create users using the adduser interactive utility:
  • Remove user using the command rmuser.
  • To lock a user account use: sudo pw lock username
  • To unlock a user account use: sudo pw unlock username